Hybernation & Rainbow Valley – Parcel 02

artists:Hybernation & Rainbow Valley
title: Parcel 02
cat: L0BIT01
keywords: ambient, experimental, lobit, chill out,heaven
download / archive page

L0BIT is extremely proud to presents ‘Parcel 02’ by
and Rainbow ValleyimagesCAM0OGRW!
The music of both these artists here is extremely mesmerizing in sound
and is at its best heard in moments of intensive relaxation.
Beautiful warm atmospheric themes that sing like a mother to their young born child,
making each lonely night into a pleasant experience.ap

Pretty tones form humble experiences that are soulful and calming.
If there would be such a thing as heaven,
than L0BIT really hopes it contains music like this.
But why wait for the afterlife,
if you can enjoy this most atmospheric prettiness at this very moment?

Previously released in 2011 on a floppy diskette,
now re-released for free for anyone lucky enough to find the magical download link.
1 Hybernation – First Rays (2:33)
2 Hybernation – Slumber (5:02)
3 Hybernation – Oh, Chocolat (1:34)
4 Rainbow Valley – First Light (4:39)
5 Rainbow Valley – Sova (5:28)



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