Obsolete Broadcast Systeme – What Is Bydlocore?

L0BIT proudly presents:
artist: Obsolete Broadcast Systeme
title: What Is Bydlocore?
cat: L0BIT02
keywords: lobit protest music, lobit investigation music! punk! electro, raw, rhyhm, noise, experimental, funky, dance, fake bydlocore,
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One of the reasons that the powers of lobit gave life to L0BIT,
is the powerful demonstrating sounds of the one and only O.B.S.!
his resistance in the slumbering stage of the lobit scene has layed many eggs,
provoked the heads of state to turn the heath on again in search for all these lobit addicts responsable!
With this in mind, it is a pleasure to let you all know that we are back!
and as long as no-one dissapears, get jailed, or dies,
we will continue to fight against the nasty Hi_Fi crowd!apaaa
To celebrate we are greatly hosting this sound of revolution lobit action!|
featuring three original tracks by O.B.S. that seeks anwers of the scene,
provokes the missing artists to either get back alive, come out of hiding,
or begs authorities to let them go for the sake of our lobit freedom!
This is lobit lovers hopefully a resuraction,
blasting it’s way through the lobit graveyard reanimating it’s casualties!
Bringing new fresh air into this misserable hi-fi life and starts up a revolution of dataloss!
O.B.S. asks what is Bydlocore? Where did Alex Usiel Ischenkau go? apaaaaaaWhere did the lobit scene go for holiday? And why was he not notified?
O.B.S. is dancing in anger as he explores the new realm of music for the next generation!

here is a tracklist for your convience:

1 Dancing in the Lobit Graveyard (3:45)
2 This Is Not Bydlocore (2:17)
3 What Is Bydlocore (6:10)

And what about a rather nice looking button that you want to click for an instant download?
Well that one we provide for you aswell!  We might be bringers of anarchy, but we love you just as hard!

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