Stefano Balice – Attic’s age

atticoverartist: Stefano Balice
title: Attic’s Age
cat: L0BIT03
keywords: electronica, electro, synthpop, experimental, dance,
movie soundtracks, ambient, pop, neo-classical, melodic, lobit
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L0BIT proudly presents the wonderful adventurous album by Stefano Balice!

attic’s age
An album that contains catchy themed movie music,
electronica, synthesizers, playfulness
great stories, old school times, and melodies that are unforgetable!
Never has the story of the attic’s age been told so colorfully in the bliss of music.
The thematic melodic compositions are compelling and friendly,
while always on the move from unsuspected story lines!ttj
Next to the great music that will make synth pioneer Mister jarre probably skin color turn into yellow,
Stefano Balice also included the so called special FX and movie extra’s!
The only thing that you have to come up with yourself, is the actual visualization of it all,
unless you just want to dance on the grooves, show some skillful moves and enjoy these fine melodies!
The attic’s age is an album that you shouldn’t want to miss out on,
as it brings a diversity that is bright, catchy, groovable, interesting,
alienating, rhythmic, and above all extremely fun! (and slightly insane!)
Think polar bears,
grooving with kraftwerk robots,
and mister michel jarre tied up in a corner!
Think deep ambient, that is outrageously beautiful that it will definitely surprise you!
Think of sleeping beauties waiting to be kissed while you play this music.
Think of all what is good and makes you happy!
It’s the album of the year!
it’s ‘attic’s age’ by Stefano Balice!

And this is it’s promising tracklist:
1.  – 1  (3:01)
2.  – 2  (3:48)
3.  – 3  (3:38)
4.  – 4  (2:17)
5.  – 5  (2:39)
6.  – 6  (2:23)
7.  – 7  (2:09)
8.  – 8  (1:49)
9.  – 9  (1:37)
10. – 10 (3:03)

There are no hairs on my legs that aren’t convinced that you’ll be loving this album,
so better be sure to get this instant beauty over at the rather large ‘download button’.

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