mhzesent – trash01 & trash02 EP


artist: mhzesent
title: trash01 & trash02 EP
cat: L0BIT06
keywords: experimental, lobit, ambient, fieldrecording, noise,
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mhzesent has collected trash from door to door.
I don’t mean stuff that has been laying on the floor,
or black binbags that the people had put out
I believe mhzesent collected the actual people behind these doors.mhz1

mhzesent’s trash01 & trash02 is like listening to the audio story
following this artist on this quest to get rid of the trash.1mhz
mhzesent goes from wind and weather,
sets his feet on gravel,
stone and sand and passes by every street pole in search for light.
We can follow him,
perhaps not very clearly but we can get little hints of audio.1mhzz
It’s all muffled, a bit vague, we can hear slow passed rhytm,
people screaming in the lobit sea far away in the depth.
Are they actually people or mutated mutants waiting to be labeled as trash?

When mhzesent has his collection complete he makes something beautiful of them.
high comforting tones that flows as a place of rest. All trash is recycled into a warm sound,
and if you listen clearly you can hear mhzesent whistle of feeling content.
Some birds and lost souls sing along with mhzesent and fill the night air in mysterious glows.1mhzzzz

The atmosphere would never be the same, and even the bugs and insects sound different when they sing their song.
The world of Trash is one that you can’t seem to grab, from cold to warm and human.
there are tones of pretty dream like melodies that are there to give the listeners comfort,
making the second part of this Trash EP one plausable for a good night rest soundtrack.
Everyone is snoring and some of them singing; the sound of long lost souls that didnt get recycled.
mhzesent trash01 & trash02 EP is intensive,
relaxing and sound unlike anything else you have ever heard before.
enjoy the two trashes by mhzesent by pressing the rather large download button:


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