Alex Spalding – Grossa Nova {L0BIT08}

artist: Alex Spalding
title: Grossa Nova
cat: {L0BIT08}
keywords: electro, electronica, lobit, synthpop, industrial, pop, lobopop, dance
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L0BIT is tremendously excited to release an instant lobit classic!
One release that will inspire many,
will make your body move and your nose hair grow spontaneously into a mustache!
afour exclusive tracks by mister electro vaporware himself ‘Alex Spalding’ from noisejoy,YIKIS, chip tunes & material action fame!!
aaEach track is a hit! Worth every pixel, frame and mili second of your collection!
aaa‘Grossa Nova’ rocks like no other, full of no wave, energetic coolness, flair and style that will appeal to gothic youth,
aaaaelectro punks,
aaaaaalobit freaks
aaaaaabcand nerds alike!
aaaaaaaaListen this and play it out loud so your friends will respect you, or perhaps (in case you did not have friends) attract new kind of friends!
aaaadddenergetic electro happiness with great vocal expressions covering well written lyrics!
aaaaaakkAnd if that isn’t exciting enough, the lyrics are also included as a text file;
so you can sing along with your favorite new lobit hits!!
aaakarL0BIT suggest to sing along while dressed in spandex, sportswear, or a biker jacket and dance!
aaaalexalso not unimportantly, this complete album fits on a floppy diskette!
Perfect for you need some space on your hard disk,
or want to pass this wonderful hit album over to your friends in style!
aaaaaaaadcheck out the exciting song titles on the track list:

01 Alex Spalding – Turnoffs
02 Alex Spalding – Street Urges
03 Alex Spalding – Dirt Old Guy
04 Alex Spalding – I Was A Teenage Pizza

Be happy, it is your lucky day! All these hit tunes (yes, including the summer hit ‘I was a teenage pizza!!)
are available without pay!
get Alex Spalding’s hottest lobit electro album right the f*ck now by clicking on the rather large download button:


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