Origami Repetika – Bicycle Basket {L0BIT09}

artist: Origami Repetika
title: Bicycle Basket
cat: {L0BIT09}
keywords: electronic, melodic, mellow, melodies, classic, theatrical, lobit, low bit, feel good, happy, musical medicine, game music, orchestra
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LoBIT proudly presents an instant feel good lobit classic by:

Origami Repetika

Origami Repetika brings the happy and friendly music that everyone has cravings for.
When things didn’t work out or don’t go your way this music will glorify it until epic proportions;
leaving you still with a content smile on your face.
gOn this release Origami Repetika delivers a theme for the wounded. (Especially wounded horse riders and little pony’s). The artist made a melodic cuteness to cover up the wounds and to soften any discomfort and pain by bringing the sunny sight of positivity.
‘You are bleeding to death?’
No worry, listen to this wonderful tune and please let it cure your trouble in a wink of an eye.
Just take your horse of dreams and gallop over the imagined hills and be instantly cured.
g2If the healing abilities of Origami Repetika aren’t enough to please you; the artist takes us all out to see a theaters play to dream away in. Watch and hear the theatrical drama evolve.
g3See the actors mingle along, express their vocal parts along the expressive way with enough tears to forget your own sorrow. This is a classical play with wooden pony props, perfumed wigs and middle aged dresses and everything is spectacular.
g6From the theater play Origami Repetika moves us along and invites us for a grotesque ball of the royals. Put on your best suit and dresses and invite the prince or princess of your dreams to take your heart and dance a graceful dance with great flair and allure.
g7To make this a release with music everyone can feel happy about, Oragimi Repetika brings the ultra joyful cycling for sunny days music with its feel good theme ‘bicycle basket’.
g9If you have no bicycle or a basket and you are listening this at home with outside bad weather; t
han a sunny afternoon and bicycle with happy bicycle basket is easy to imagine when listening to this wonderful pettiness.

Check out for your comforting comfort the deluxe list of tunes:

01. hey im wounded but still galluping strong
02. dinner theater drama
03. royal doile
04. bicycle basket

Go for a ride, and forget all the bad things while finding comfort and joy in the melodic world of Origami Repetika!
Download this wonderful polite lobit wonder by clicking on the rather large download button:


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