The Cryovolcano – 010 {L0BIT010}


artist: The Cryovolcano
title: 010
cat: {L0BIT19}
keywords: lobit, electronic, electropop, industrial, instrumental, dance, melodic, low bit, catchy, robot, revolution, lo-fi, analogue, electro, pop, underground, cryovolcano
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imagesActung!! Achtung!!

L0BIT is extremely proud to present a brand, brand new album by lobit legend:
The Cryovolcano!!
coincidence or no coincidence this is L0BIT it’s 10th quality release and this is also Cryovolcano’s 10th release!!

Withing this album Cryovolcano outlives and outdone itself multiple times by bringing all the best well known favorable Cryovolcano sounds and strategic catchiness but has now for the first time ever gone completely analogue!dThis explains the brilliant name change from Cryovolcano to The Cryovolcano with great ease and means that this album (without disrespect to all the previous Cryoolcano hit albums) is simply the best work to date yet!untitled

Yes!! xz
This album has got everything!

The hit *Suburban Safari* , the electronic instrumental memorable symphonies that mixes modern sound with the slippery slides of nature in the monumental instant classic *Sea Snail*,


brings food for thought mixed in the track that ballads the unfortunate state that we are in in *Surveillance State*. Delicious space blues for dancing all night light in the night under the stars while munching on a *Soup Sandwich* covered with the perfect wobbly bass for sizzling fucking up the law! z

And of course there is still time to travel to Asia with the mind encouraging *Secret Samurai*.

This is the album that has been years and years and years in the make, shaken and disturbed to come down to planet earth to kick everyone’s ass with an amazing set of awesomeness!vr
This is a great example of evolution as Cryovolcano has evolved and the world around us has desolved!
Time to gather our ears and heads together in the world of the robot/human , king of lobit pop with a message to celebrate and gain power to retake what is ours!vre
Cryovolcano is the bullet for a revolution, be it in thought, on the dance floor; or simply a real one!vrrv

01. §ame §ong
02. §ea §nail
03. §uburban §afari
04. §urveillance §tate
05. §oup §andwich
07. §ecret §amurai

Listen to this and get yourself powered up!!
But before we reveal the not so secret download button… please inform yourself of this:00-Page_3
Download this excellent album for free!!!!! (includes bonus material and hidden message to even more bonus material!)
Click the rather big looking download button below, find out the lyrics of the songs and spread the word!
The CRYOVOLCANO is your friend!

4 thoughts on “The Cryovolcano – 010 {L0BIT010}

  1. What a great masterpiece! This truly deserved the house-hifi-big-speaker-system over those, well still super good, headphones at the office. Those bubbly sounds, the deep basses! whales having a party in the deep of the oceans. Safari wobbles in my head like slow motion captured yello high on furry animals. At least, that’s how I’d envision a must have video clip, because it has hit potential for sure!

    it’s all so good! I’m quickly switching offline to have one of the awesomest days off, looping this beautiful earlicking piece of happy sounds while eating a piece of apple pie *) to celebrate these birthdays. Concratulations on this 10th release! (ach it’s only the second… still, it’s the small things that count, I’ll happily tag along your impression that it’s somekind of jubilee. If that makes you happy. Like, the 1010th release, thát would be something)

    ❤ ❤ sparkle sparkle 😀 😀
    *) It's gonna be the whole pie ofcourse

    • did I just say hifi system? For a lobit recording….. 😀

      Seriously, it sounds hifi! It sounds good on hifi.
      * Checks Sven Meyer recording.*
      Sounds hifi too…
      It all sounds hifi!
      Even better than most hifi, 3D, over-algothythmictized, “modern” productions….
      hifi, lofi, medfi …. aaahahaha… * turns insane and walks hystically laughing off stage *

      • Just for the sake of it as I seem to post faster than I think and my jokes are a little too lame today: I do get the idea behind lobit and I ❤ it!

        (I'm not a hifi freak, I just happend some good stuff got on my way, and I tend to call my amplifier/speakers/cd-with-minidisk/record/cassette/computer system "the hifi" by default)

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