c4 – Sun Grave

Artist: c4
title: Sun Grave
cat: {L0BIT11}
keywords: electronic, electronica, techno, acid, psychedelic,lobit, low-bit, flying,
Download / Archive pageecec
Are you ready for the best lobit acid electronice bliss in the entire galaxy? galaxy
Only one man from Toledo could provide such a thing,
and this man shakes the ground and our world under the legendary moniker of ‘c4’ !

Lobit hero c4 in da house!!

The album ‘Sun Grave is just in and already one of the highlights on our little label, woman-look-surprise
providing the greatest electronic psychedelic music
that when played will make you fly just like superman/superwoman !!super
Fly through the sky, fly past the Toledo clouds, above the clouds,
past flying airplane windows and wave your raving glow stick while you are at it. raav
This is the trip music your mother had warned you about not to take from strangers,
this is the music that will rock your world without it even being rock music!vrr
C4 the king of lobit brings the best music that gets you in a trance of excellent bliss, blisssss
carefully moving melodies, inserting pulsating baselines,
deep depths all working together to bring you a point of no return! poep
This is the record that will bring you closer to heaven,
just because it makes you fly!!!! So high!!!!flyi

Beautiful trip dance music that is melodic with the finest acid lines,
sniffs of oldschool ness and perfect timing which only could be provided by a true underground master. prrrr
If you seek perfect electronica for all occasions than please do not seek no further as
L0BIT does not brag of its own releases, but when saying its;
It actually is truly beautiful!

Download now and enjoy the perfect flight!!

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