Obsolète Broadcast Système – Carmen and the faceless future

artist: Obsolète Broadcast Système
title: Carmen and the faceless future
cat: {L0BIT12}
keywords: dance, electro, electronic, sci-fi, science fiction, cinematic track, experimental, future, synthesizer, lobit, low-bit, energy, space
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L0bit is absolutely stunned and over the moon by a throwback comeback brought by glorious lobit rocker OBS!
AThis time our signed artist brings a futuristic dance fest with experimental tendencies for bombastic happiness
complimenting the story of Carmen and the faceless future!
aaThis is the music to put your helmets on for,
aaadon’t forget your shiny space cadet costumes,
aaaawild moppet haircuts and skintight flower power glitter spandex pants!
aaaaaThis adventure of special baked space electronica goes for happy moment of future dance,
aaaaaaall the way to malfunctioning in the cockpit and down in the inter-systems of mysterious data communications.
aaaaaaaaThe place where bleeps go for spectacular vibes, providing energy for pac-men pills
aaaaaaaaaaaaand spastic fantastic hyper ventilation in a perfect science fictional theme of in your face electronica!
aaaajThis is not just a dance album, this is a sci-fi soundtrack that you could dance too,
but also listen and follow Carmen embracing the faceless future.
The music movie script takes us through moon scapes,
cyber cops, digital administration and fat, fat baselines,
aaaajjjincredible round synthesizers and good energy for every day activities!
aaaajkThe end might be up to your own interpretations but let me tell you;
to our ears this faceless future that we are heading doesn’t seem to be losing its insanity!
And piano skills do still exists!
ajajajaja Admire this brand new soundtrack and feel the energy of this great new release by OBS!
aaaaakkkkdownload it now and download it good at the rather large download bottom:


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