Various Artists – Vk_lobit Compo Vol. 6

Cover 1Artists: Various
title: Vk_lobit Compo Vol. 6
cat: {L0BIT13}
keywords: lobit, dance, party, electronic, experimental, techno, IDM, ambient, chill out, noise, electronica, synthpop
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look at the wonderful tracklist, isn’t it appealing? ::
1. Flatulent Swamps – one of us (5:04)
2. Toxic Chicken – Sim and the Wimp (3:44)
3. Sascha Muller – Audio Buzzer (7:00)
4. Der Domestizierte Mensch (4:00)
5. sandspace – goodbye again illwithc reshape (4:49)
6. DJ Shealls – Frostbite (2:53)
7. Mr.Wong & Hi Rocket+-Shemale (1:29)
8. deafness – Zero Gravity mono (2:35)
9. Dr. NoiseM – Spiderdog (15:59)
10. D0x10 – mute_umlaut (2:12)
11. Sven Meyer – Insane Clock (8:02)
12. La Flore Intestinale – I ♥ Uranus (16BitMonoVersion (1:28)
13. Vlad Shegal – the horror of despair (5:05)
14. MushroomWavved Collar – lo14 (3:56)

Happy Birthday Vk_Lobit! Happy birthday lobit lovers, happy birthday low bit rate makers!
L0BIT and the Vk_lobit community wishes you all a happy lobit birthday!
And in our long awaited wait for the delayed return of The Pink Blob to the lobit scene
we are all together here for a (guess what?) a real lobit celebration!
The Vk_lobit party people of Vk_lobit community fame have found L0BIT the label to provide us all with the perfect instant celebrative lobit party anthems, the music for dancing, drinking, smoking, laughing, crying, and all round lobit adoration!
From Flatulent Swamps who brings a ridiculous new ground breaking version of the ‘what if god is one of us’ specially catered for the lobit people;
skipping the word ‘god’ and replacing it with joyish grunts, intelligent beats, elevating insane happy Flatulent Swamps!
Toxic Chicken throws in the trumpets, making sure everybody is ready for a shaky feather dance while enjoying the green contents of smuggled chicken eggs! This is the party of a life time!
Talking about parties and partying hard and good, one party head attends every underground netlabel and lobit floppy party around the globe and provides them with his glorious skills of outstanding dance music is of course the one and only global recommended prolific deejay, producer and hero: Sascha Muller! That’s right! Vk_lobit and L0BIT have this legend here for you, performing an extra deep and hypnotizing dance tune to get your ass in wiggle mode!
And if you thought that this would be enough to get you back in the old drinking habbits, then think again as Der Domesizierte Mensch will direct you straight to the vodka! This other heroic german famous artist of the underground world has the party in its grip providing an extra testerestial sound exploration that will totally lift the celebration up to a completely new level!
Of course our lobit party can’t do without a lounge corner for deeper hallucinative explorations and exclusive hanging out in the lobit chills brought by the excellent ‘sandspace’. Time to roll up, stare at the lower bit rates and enjoy the ambience of sweet deepness.
Going down to the ridiculously crowded and good vibes feeling dance floor is DJ Shealls ruling the scepter. DJ Shealls provides the sexiest beats, the sexiest rhythm, the sexiest lobit rates, the sexiest charismatic sexy dance music that will get you and all the other celebrative party inhabitants embracing their own spastic dance moves!
And if you need something moving and grooving in a more laidback style with good chatting friends at your sides than it’s a good deal to check out your new friends Mr.Wong & His Rocket + as damn: they will tickle your belly with friendly music, a laugh and a smile.. dragging you perhaps all the way to the bedroom!
The legendary artist that always seems to provide a great quality with every thing that the producer does is ‘deafness’. Here deafness’ takes up the party people and brings a serene spirituality to the celebration. Embrace the atmosphere of zero gravity, feel one together and if you do it right you might be reborn in 16kbps!
Also the world most asked underground noise specialist; Dr. NoiseM is available on the Vk_lobit party; always ready when you need him the most. He can examine you, fine tune you with a delightful deep breath of lobit sound and check out the pills that you want to swallow for safety.
What would we do without Dr. NoiseM at our party?
Speaking about legends, superstars and amazing talents; the Finlandisch Jukka-Pekka Kervinnen is magically also available as our most honored guest! The intelligent electronic experimental lobit works by this creative genius never stop to be unbelievable; but yet every sound you can hear is very true! A true expert that goes well with whatever you are doing at the party!
Oh my gosh! The lobit party is simply unstoppable as Sven Meyer is here to make all of us party people dance to the rhythm of an enormously insane Clock!  This is unheard off, never have we come across any artist who can make us better dance to the time than Sven Meyer; it simply sounds so dope, so good, so trance inducingly great! Fantastico!
And what about some sexiness to get the booty bouncing and the arms swinging? La Flore Intestinale brings that sexy tune that goes well with party people who happen to have an ass!
This is the lobit music that makes ‘MONO’ the new STEREO!
For the more illiterate Vk_lobit party people we have a very special artist on the schedule of superstars; Vlad Shegal! Vlad Shegal is a masterfull storyteller and he proofs that with ‘the horror of despair’ a story that needs no words as Vlad is talented enough to tell it with the sounds of music.
There is no party possible without MushroomWavved Collar’ a personal music producer-hero, but also a favorable artist of many other celebrities. It is no wonder that MushroomWavved Collar delivers and proofs again why he is the best headliner of this amazing lobit party compilation. His music is extremely beautiful, intelligent, super sonic, deep synthesis and fun!
What the hell are you waiting for? Download this instant celebration now at this rather large download button:


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