Club Pocameau – ダイバーズ・デライト


Artist: Club Pocameau
title: ダイバーズ・デライト
keywords: vaporwave, lobit, lowbro, underwater disco, chill out, fantasy, bubble, cocktails, mermaid tails, disco, dance, sparkles, ambient, future funk, electronic, outsider
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L0Bit is super proud to present you a free tour and dive under the colorful depths of the deep waters! An interesting self-made trip organized by the newly signed special attraction among lobit music producers named Club Pocameau! The reason to celebrate all day and night!

With the unique bubbling sensation of deep sea diving, and the right effects for cooling down the heads to a fresh degree and the ability to make our hairs wave in the wavy streams this Club Pocameau has gone in all the right directions.

No need for a swimming or diving costume, yet similar vibes and feelings makes you feel like you are actually in need for wearing one upon attending this release!

Once down on the bottom of the ocean, the scenes of a private alternative underwater club will be really yours to enjoy. With classy drinks at the bar, cocktails served by chilled out mermaids and mermaidmen and thanks to an utterly relaxed atmosphere on the cheeky dance floor it might be the place you never ever want to leave!

Even after too many drinks the pleasure that being in Club Pocameau gives you will not run out, bringing the exotic sunny vibes in simple intoxicated ways at your drunken feet or fishy fish tails!
Smiles are all around us as fish go for a samba and crabs dance the Macarena!

But also relaxing can be done within Club Pocameau, as the music isn’t hesitating to provide you with warm loving massages, soothing body oils, smooth music of a slow inducing druggie degree.
Always positive and pleasant; making even the biggest sour grape turn into a fresh smiling sea anemone!

Thanks to the club inhabitants of notably 5 instant hits in colorful 24kbps,
the party will simply never end! Look at them, aren’t they beautiful? They could all be yours!

1.呼 吸 す る B R E A T H E
2. S A K A N A – N O2 – O R O D I
3. 西 イ ン ド 諸 島1988
4. 1 0 M I L L E S L I E U X
5. す べ て の 下 に

Thanks to Club Pocameau’s ダイバーズ・デライト life simply has become exiting again!
So come on, take the splashing plunge, dive in and enjoy by downloading this epic comforting party album by clicking on the biggest biggie of a download button:

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