Various Artists – 20kbps Rec. Sweet Sixteen Birthday Compilation

Artist: Various
title: 20kbps Rec. Sweet Sixteen Birthday Compilation
keywords: lobit, 20kbps, netlabel, party, 16 years, acid, techno, ambient, punk, metal, experimental, dance, avant-garde, noise, cool shit, out of the box, festive feast, orgasmic overload and much more!
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L0BIT is extremely proud and excited to bring you a very, very, very special compilation! It’s not just a compilation; it’s an entire birthday party, celebrating 16 years of the fabulous:

20kbps records netlabel!

The most wonderful stand out lobit netlabel in the entire galaxy! Come on and join the festive party, we got the drinks the drugs and especially all the music humans and animals alike will enjoy! From wonderful lobit techno melodies, to lobit metal, lobit acid, lobit pop and unexplainable independent lobit music forms! It’s a blast!! And absolutely freely available! That means it comes at no costs! Unbelievable, but true! But hey; it’s a party after all!

Attention! Attention! For this special piece of celebration we have something previously unheard of! A Foreword by Origami Repetika:

‘Where’s the glo-fi?!’
‘How can I download a new v a p o w a v e album to listen to tonight when bandcamp is still down?!’
‘How can I work on code if I don’t have any lofi hip-hop beats streaming softly in the background?!’

Some people these days.

Some people you just want to answer their demanding questions with an action rather than words. Especially when it comes to the delivery of music which employs the low-fidelity medium as a main ingredient of the overall aesthetic. You just want to take these people’s hands and lead them down the hall to the room where you keep your time-traveling Twister™ mat. You want to show them the underground music label that will go on to release music that already in years before exemplified the quintessential tracks of whatever cool new hip retro-in-sound genre that surfaces to the mainstream these days.

We will set the destination back in time to 16 years ago when a tiny little netlabel from Switzerland popped on out into existence. A time before anyone ever typed the word a e s t h e t i c into their tumblr post. It’s still well over a decade before mobile apps like Loffee would market lofi music as a resource for relaxation and focus enhancement.

The year is 2002 and for the tree of music history a new limb is about spring forth from the low-fidelity music medium’s branch. A young man in Switzerland named Mathias Aeschlimann finds himself in a not uncommon technological pickle.

A shrinking hard drive space for an expanding music collection.

A few people in this situation would panic like a monkey inside a piñata, but Mathias’ calm and simple solution of down-encoding his mp3s, uploading them online, then deleting them off his hard drive, not only meets his data storage needs, but will also provide delight for the people who appreciate the appeal the downsized digital music aesthetic.

Mathias shows his approach to his friends and they in turn are
inspired to start squashing their music files and so the collection of down-encoded music grows into Switzerland’s very first netlabel, 20kbps rec. They not only immediately have a first-in-a-nation bullet point in history, but 20kbps is also the first netlabel in the world to exclusively offer down-encoded music. Music files so squashed, the sound of the mix resembles that of the cassette you made back in the summer of ’93 from recording songs off your boombox’s radio and then proceeded to wear it out before Thanksgiving the following year.
It resembles that feel. But it’s different.

There’s something particularly special to the warm distance that arrives from the absence frequencies that were lost in the cold and precise digital down-encoding process. Data is pulled out, and atmosphere fills the void it leaves.

Many were already experiencing this phenomenon while faithfully looking for the music they loved while using dial-up modems and RealAudio Player while their buddy on the bed teases them that they could be listening to Green Day in crystal clear quality on CD instead. These are they who don’t care what the audiophiles say.

Yes, it’s 2002 and 20kbps rec. now gives them a community that will continue to go on and grow. Lobit, lowbit, low-bit, however each one types it, the word finds its meaning the most within the pronunciation itself. The essence of the container stays the same, and you can pour into it any music genre under the sun.

So are you ready to go to 2002?

You don’t need too. I already told you all the important stuff that happened back then, and besides there’s no such thing as time-traveling Twister™ mats. This is just a regular one we’re standing on. But good news. It’s 2018 and 20kbps rec. now has hundreds of musical releases in dozens of different genres and have since inspired even more lobit labels to have been born into existence. It’s 20kbps rec’s birthday today and we’re about to make this mat into a dancing floor, 20kbps style!

Wow! Yes! I bet you might have to recover from such an amazing textual introduction by the underground super hero Origami Repetika, who without this amazing compilation wouldn’t have been born, made or even got even the slightest bit off the ground! here is a nice promotional picture to celebrate:

But let’s us check out what this party has to offer! Do you have an hour or so of your time? I sure do!

1 Thrust Pomp – Anniversary Pump (Sixteenth 20kbps Records Anniversary Mix)

When we say it’s a party celebration, we actually mean it’s a party celebration! From the instant start ‘Thrust Pump’ throws us some instant love and happiness (and perhaps some postal stamps soaked in LSD!) with enough joyful dance music to go and kiss and hug your neighbors with! It’s a perfect 20kbps opener, obviously standing proud for its cuteness, it’s wobbling and captivating acid bubbles & contagious sound of on the spot -whatever will be will be’ kind of freedom! All screwed up faces will be all turned into instant smiles!

2 BadBoysWithPrettyGirls – Dave&Jones (BAD BOYS BLUE – PRETTY YOUNG GIRL-Remix)

20kbps doesn’t only stands for freedom and it’s room for open minded happy quirkiness;it’s also the one place in which you will be guaranteed of a quality unlike any other netlabel around. The tune by Dave&Jones (BAD BOYS BLUE) proofs this point rather clearly. A track so delicious, so smooth, so sick and so delicately done that it would almost make you want to go and do some masturbation as it plays itself out. So much sexy technology all dressed up in this perfect low rate is just the kind of erotic electronic dance music your mother would have warned you for.

3 Lord Cernunnos – Party Hats For Party Cats

The capabilities of the lobit sound are so severely specific & offer seemingly endless possibilities that as a genre you simply never know what to expect. All kinds of music can be tagged under the ‘lobit’ tag line but only one certain kind of music seams to be a lobit only kind of phenomenon. This wonderful ‘party hats for party cats’ audio sensation by ‘Lord Cemunnos’ is a perfect example of such a piece of audio art exclusively available in the lower realms of encoding. Hear we can all swim in the warm bubble bath sound of pure quality data loss, bringing us a surreal experience that would trigger anyone with a gigantic head filled with imagination. This track took me skiing down snowy hills, water racing with racing boats and cave diving with the mysterious yeti.

4 atarix – acid crush – single 2018

To really put 20kbps in the sunny lights of party time, Atarix brings some very spicy acid punk to the fest! With raunchy wobbling wobbles and enough aciiiiiid to turn the entire world in a loving peaceful bunch this track hits hammers on our heads and spikes the drinks and pies as if there is no tomorrow! The walls might melt, the brains go berserk and eyes might tumble around; but hell, this is underground crushing acid like no other! Bonus vibes for anyone able to play that sneaky OPUS file format!

5 Das All – Aufenthalt In Kroatien

The festive feast of the sweet 16 20kbps celebration is one that goes in like a lovely candy. Take for example this pretty short loveliness by ‘Das All’! It got all that you need, the drum sounds , the drums being programmed & of course the playful crash at the very end; it’s one of those tunes that you want to squeeze in its cheeks & tell them how adorable that they are. It’s so cute and sweet that you might need to go and visit a dentist afterwards in check for brand new accidental holes!

6 Consistency Nature – Dress the Thunder

What I personally love about lobit and its many creative inhabitants is that they are so diverse and very personal in their music outputs. If you have hanged your ears in this part of the underground you could easily recognize the artists behind the music. This passionate piece played out on piano with additional experimental sounds and a fine fragment of noise is one of those that had the strong personality of the artist named ‘Consistency Nature’ within it. I could feel so much emotional emotions floating the boat here, some things that reminds me of the changes between the seasons, the vibes of passionately feeling the time passing by; a real great example of how an artist can truly devote their hears in this special kind of music; it makes me into a crying baby from its pure moving beauty.

7 Denner And Hakin Basar – H๖rspiel 303 Auf C64

A excellent place for experimentation & to showcase and be proud of these experiments is also why 20kbps had gained such a worldwide following. Denver And Hanin Basar’s work on this compilation is a great visionary master piece that occupies this concept like Cinderella’s glass shoe fitting around her feet. In fact you could follow the making of the experiment and the experiment itself all in one go, you can hear the inventions of catchy electric bass, the inventors mumbling as they discover their findings & follow their seemingly out of the blue working progress.

8 Ninja McTits – Entirely Black Birthday Cake

So far we have encountered a lot of favorite sides that the beloved legendary netlabel’s associated artists have to offer, but one thing has been due on this celebrating party; some awesome and sick sounding lobit death metal! It’s indeed not dead at all, rumbling its monstrous sounds all over the place like a steady attack of growling howls and overheated rhythm attacks! If you had been hanging around in the lobit scene you must be aware how fruitful this sound format is for these kinds of dangerous bangers! For the 16th birthday party we have nobody less than Ninja McTits delivering a entirely black birthday cake! One that’s the true sound of horror for any high fidelity music lovers, the true slashers of so called ‘good music taste’ and they do this in such a way that you kindly not want to eat or hear anything else!

9 Toxic Chicken – Baby Buddha

After cake we need some spiritual candy and probably some meat; so that’s where a very close relative of mine comes in at the party; toxic chicken. For this special occasion he brought his niece Sesame singing about baby Buddha because that’s what the 20kbps netlabel still needed; a blessing for good karma!

10 irrlicht project – 16 godina nije ništa

Talking about party bangers! The tune of one of the one of the only 1bit producers out there ‘irrlicht project’ is one that you can’t and shouldn’t avoid, it’s a true banger, a killer that would hit you in the hips and make your bones all loosened up! Does it even have strings? Oh yes it sounds like that, but it’s mostly the irresistible trombone kind of rhythm that will wipe the sides of the dance floor out and puts everyone concentrated in the middle!

11 overthruster – 001cfinal

Now if you think things couldn’t even be exciter! You will be super wrong as there is an awesome track by underground legend ‘overthruster’! Who lays out something so cool and dark that you wished he was releasing music like an egg popping factory again; this bass, the darkness of fat sounding coolness combined with Chrystal clear beats full of aggression are captured in a colorful ogg file to tear your ears off and rip your eyes out! He slams in an authentic harsh hardcore beat that will smash you up and hype up the outer corners of your left over brain! A pure injection of old school mega adrenaline!

12 Covolux – Sweet 20kbps

From the delicious fucked upbeat craziness we might pop around the lounge bar for a little musical break. Thanks to good friend ‘Covolux’ we can drink some rank liquids and chill out on space music for the ones that never managed to get their astronaut degree! A tribute of sweet 20kbps that will leave you all warm and happy inside (hopefully)…

13 Surrogate sigma – Happy Bday Twenty Kbps Recordings

Also ‘Surrogate sigma’ brought out its happy birthday wishes to the 20kbps netlabel & has done this in the correct festive order; with music that will go down in your flesh for a nice wobble session! With strong beats and boing boom fashion it simply bounces away through satisfying sceneries, like a deep tissue massage that could only be pleasurable in a lower bitrate this is the one

14 origami repetika – the candles on the cake

Of course we need some candles on our black birthday cake and luckily the one artist that was so uniquely kind to put his heart and soul into this compilation had brought the candles! He sings with a authentic style and balances again on new musical territory by combining acidic electro with authentic hand played guitar music and ambient trickeries full of wonder; the result is another world wonder to visit and place on your bucket list! Such a true beautiful masterpiece that ‘Origami Repetika’ has brought here, it can be felt in your heart and in your soul; especially if it’s encoded in a fine masterful lobit rate!

15 Dishdawash – Solar Return

Long term lost lobit hero ‘Dishdawash’ had also been washed ashore and brought to the party by limousine & in exchange for this star treatment delivered an excellent exceptional piece of pure excitement! You won’t hear music like this anywhere else, material to completely set your mind into a relaxing state, one that floats near the luxurious parts next to the sea, among harbors and naughty captains who never had set a foot on a ship.

16 c4 – music so loud better this way

Another special guest that shouldn’t have been missed is the one and only c4! Yes, he had taken time off from his new fun activities and coffee drinking to conquer this compilation with a moment of enthusiastic sexiness. It’s music so loud it’s better this way, is like a smooth talker that gets their partners into bed for a fine cuddle (and more!) time!

17 goto80 – luxus (asid version)

Who cares about Madonna, Micheal Jackson and Elton John when there are bigger stars like the amazing goto80 around!? And where to find this hero? Well of course here at the 20kbps birthday party dropping more acid bombs than any drug supplier at your local discotheque! He calls it ‘luxus’ but I would say that it sounds rather more like deliriously luxurious! What a great way to get your feet into plastic fantastic elastic flubber thingies and your mind into the zone of pure celebration! He dusts off all your doubts that you might had about your possible dancing skills and just forces you to go spastic fantastic! What a feast!

19 – Lee Rosevere – Burned Out Car

Talking about artist that will wet any underground fans’ their pants; Lee Rosevere! Yes, the one and only Lee From the Happy Puppy Records label and tons of amazing releases has also made its way to the party of your life time! The track he came up with is something so delicious that there might be a chance that it is actually nicer than a cake! Strangely enough it is listening to the name of a ‘burned out car’ which on its own shouldn’t be very much for consumption. But yes, his appearance on the birthday party is like a trip of sunshine, electronic bliss for anyone that likes their sound to be colorful, round and full sunshine!

20 The Lo Fi Rave Busters – the mothership of lobit 20kbps

The band known as The Lo Fi Rave Busters had made a tribute to their favorite lobit netlabel 20kbps in a very feather-in-bottom kind of style: A techno kind of adoration with words full of praise and truth. The mothership of lobit is what they call 20kbps and this goes along with enough underlining emotional sounds to hit it in your face like tearful superglue.

21 Sascha Műller – Dead Science

Sascha Müller is another one of these artists out there that severely excites anyone who had been stepping around the underfunded underground sceneries for quite a while. His presence is one of amazing style with a ultra-cool stomper of techno track that is going in like a psychedelic track with enough kick and punch & mysterious mystery to make every techno head explode from pure classy enjoyment!

22 the hardliner – that sense

Even the hardliner comes in to make pussycats wet and sausages stand fierce and firm! What a delightful delight to have this almost mythical artist on the birthday party for 20kbps! the hardliner brings a melodically master work to the show, one that rocks out with enough synth epicness, even rhythmic raps and a mega style to sweat your ass out with! It will give even the most drugged out party goer the boost to get all excited and pumped up again!

22 Microbit Project – S.T.O.A.C.I.P. – 2018

Microbit Project has been always one of those amazing prolific artists out there who not only made a huge mark on the lobit phenomenon but also worked as tons of inspiration! This track delivered here for the true party people is one that is doing this exciting thing all over again, bringing techno electronics that are intelligent and seriously delicious in sound. It inserts the lobit virus deep into anyone who listens & there might be never be a cure! Why wanting to be cured of this virus anyway? Microbit Project simply delivers the acid technology with melodic catchiness, words and robotics that can only go in like candy! What a delights!

23 Monkey Warhol – Ordinary Eyes

Now mainstream pop artist Monkey Warhol has taken the lobit virus probably a bit later than many on this compilation, but lobit couldn’t survive without fresh blood and enough enthusiasm to go loopy with! Here he rocks like a neurotic punk in the salty baths of the lobit sound, putting down his hit ‘ordinary eyes’

24 Spacebirds – When Your Toys Don’t Sleep (Microbit Project Lo-Bit Mix)

Another amazing name on the compilation that would rock your socks and shiver your timbers is ‘Spacebirds’ who brought a delicate surreal
sweetness to the party. With melodies so kind and friendly, you just feel the need to dream and dance at the same time; it’s the music that makes you feel good from the inner bits and the outside. If you find out that it’s the microbit project lobit mix of the spacebirds When Your Toys Don’t Sleep it all certainly makes sense how delightful it all is and sounds. Pure pleasure!

25 Waluigifan – The Final Jump

Waluigifan brings its ‘final jump’ to the birthday happening, something rather lovely that actually sounds like many micro jumps into my ears. No damage is done as the jumps are performed on fluffy slippers, stamping kindly over a warm wooly ground that only the likelihood of the lobit realms have to offer. It’s a cozy moment before finally reaching the finale of this monumental compilation among all everyday compilations. Oh yes the countdown had begun & yet (thanks to the repeat button and a bright future) still so much more to come!

26 mhz_ – [Leaving Parties; Return Void]

Just to be sure all the 16th 20kbps birthday party attendees are acclimated to the fact that the end of the party might be near also the ever so kind talented mhz_ pops up with a great sounding ‘leaving parties return void’. A track that doesn’t shy away from big beats, grossly overrated buzzing bossy noises and sexually tainted warm moans, lush tones and a certain fatness that might mark you forever. It’s the perfect goodbye track, showcasing everything that is great and sensual & yet shudders it all off to form an ambient work of light and sheer psychedelic peacefulness.

27 Kai Nobuko – Forever 20 kbps

Now because it’s the date today, 27 December, the one that saw the birth of the glorious 20kbps netlabel to come to life sixteen years ago, the gods of the universe decided somehow remarkably that there would be exactly 27 tracks on this compilation. Crazy enough Kai Nobuko has 27 invisible chickens running around in his non existing backyard and it took him 27 years to breed out one very special egg in which a special wish had been hiding in; forever 20kbps!
Not the notorious but beautiful bitrate, but the record label from the past and the bright future! 20kbps in that one netlabel that defied time and space, the one and only who created its own scene and catered to its own special kind of people. A label with a survival instinct that nobody else could beat & will always be there for future generations to come! To inspire, entertain, shock, laugh, always bringing in the joy, kick ass and be the mother ship all lobit lovers want to be beamed up by!

Please download, stream and celebrate the sweet sixteen birthday compilation for free by pressing the big download button:

But also please do check out the millions of free downloadable releases from the netlabel that we celebrate: 20kbps!


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