a L0BIT musick label
is a netlabel, a continuation of the successful lobit label Top Of The Flops, that had an unfortunate end by being swallowed by a large internet corporation with a name we might not say (but it rhymes with booble).
a L0BIT musick label will try to do its best to deliver the most highest lowest quality releases for the price of completely nothing, as long as the owner(s) are not caught by nasty militant hi-fi supporters.

The large corporations have taken over the space of former mayor lobit label ‘Top Of The Flops’,
unfortunately this made the owner pretty sad when turning up to the office and finding a new lock on the door.
All assets had been taken away and also the world famous Tibol Lobit Radio Show had suffered an immense blow as the technical engineer couldn’t enter the Top Of The Flops safe and rescue the most difficult password that provides access to the site of the classy lobit broadcast system.

Years passed, unsuccessful lawsuits were made, lots of tears went down the drain, and braincells had died of frustration and trauma! Fantastic music demo’s kept flowing in, but there was no platform to get them out!
The other mainstream lobit netlabels all seem to have had their fair share of troubles, as the international hifi community was cracking down on all of us with an iron hammer. Depressive times for lobit lovers indeed!

But today, as you can see, something has changed! Golden nuggets donated by a anonymous lobit supporter and cheering up of world wide lobit music artists and their fans did trigger something in the air!
It might be not the same feeling as Top Of The Flops, and no stable guarantee is here, as the hunt for lobit is still on, but still I really hope that this could be a new home for the best genre that ever existed!

Now lady’s, gentleman’s, animals, plants and lobit lovers, it’s time to be happy and cheerful as this is the re-start of a new quality label! A place that hopefully will cherish the old TOTF releases as well as a place that will release the ones that had been sitting on the shelves for an eternity.. And hopefully completely new ones!
If anyone wants to join running this organization for extra security, than please do so! But for know, open up a drink of choice (water is cheap!) and celebrate the birth of a L0BIT musick label ❤

we have plenty of stock material, but if you think you have something that is excellent lobit material,
than please don’t hesitate to mail to giftige_kip @ yahoo.co.uk with the caption ‘l0bit’
all demo’s will be listened, but might take a while before someone mails back, as the director is a real lazy person.
Thank you for your patience!

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